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  • Robert Beverly (NPS): PI, research, hacking
  • Matthew Luckie (CAIDA): Co-PI, research, hacking
  • k claffy (CAIDA): Research, Ark support
  • Ken Keys (CAIDA): Hacking
  • Young Hyun (CAIDA): Ark infrastructure, OSX GUI
  • Ryan Koga (CAIDA): Web site, analysis, testing
  • Alumni:
    • Arthur Berger (Akamai): Analysis, research
    • Steven Bauer (MIT): Research, web site scripts, testing
Project supported by CAIDA and DHS Science and Technology; originally hosted by MIT ANA. Feedback, comments and bugfixes welcome. Contact spoofer-info at caida.org for project information.

In addition, we welcome feedback and discussion on the Spoofer Mailing List or enter your feedback on this form:

Thanks to (alphabetically): Emile Aben, Mike Afergan, John Curran, Bruce Davie, Simson Garfinkel, Richard Hansen, Aaron Hughes, Simon Leinen, Vern Paxson, Teemu Schaebl, Karin Sollins, Ken Shores, Greg Troxel, Nick Weaver, and John Wroclawski for constructive discussions and feedback. Thanks also to the U Oregon routeviews crew for their BGP data, Marco d'Itri for the Zebra dump parser, and Hurricane Electric for their IPv6 tunnel broker service.
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